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Ripplefold - How it Looks and Works


How Ripplefold looks and works.

How does Ripplefold look?

Ripplefold by Kirsch creates a soft rolling pleat drapery, which gives a gently flowing and tailored look for either residential or commercial windows treatments.

The glides in the Ripplefold track are tied together so that fullness is maintained from 120%, 100%, 80% or 60% the entire width of the track. The setback is about 1/3 to 1/4 of the width of the track, depending on the fullness. This is much less than in conventional pinch pleats draperies. Please see fabrication chart (page 6) columns *4 and *5 for information on setback. Tighter setback gives: more view, more glass, more light, than conventual pinch pleats. The Ripplefold drapery hangs under the track.

With Ripplefold, both sides of the drapery look the same from in the room or from the street side.

Rippleford Drapery

How does Ripplefold work?

A flat panel of fabric is sewn with Ripplefold tape at the top.
The Ripplefold tape is composed of marine grade tape with snaps 4 1/4" on center.
The flat panel is then snapped into and then snapped on the glides on the track.
The distance apart of the glides in the track creates the fullness.

Other importance considerations:

There is no drapery pins to go amiss or out of position.
Cleaning and rehanging is simple. The drapery comes down as a flat panel.

If one pulls on the drapery panel, the panel will be released from the track after a
certain pressure is applied. The drapery panel comes down and the track stays up.
There are no invalid pins. This is important for some institution uses.

You can save on cost of fabric and labor by using less fullness, 80% or 60%, I have done
this many of times, with great success, when doing motels and hotels and obtaining a great look and larger window opening area without using a heavy blackout fabrics.

Mel Levin, Interior Designer, Allied Member ASID

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