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Please print one form for each track. Fax completed form to (631) 757-7793.
Call (800) 497-1588 for assistance with ordering.

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The Ripplefold Drapery system is one of our favorite products here at Curtain Fair. Ideal for a living room, dining room, or master bedroom, this drapery style leaves beautiful and symmetric folds that are perfectly positioned.

Looking to show off an already exquisite room? Perhaps you noticed something missing from your dream living room. The Ripplefold Drapery system prevents any sagging or bunching. Curtain Fair created this style of drapery to provide absolute flawlessness for our customers.

There is no need to fret that the Ripplefold Drapery system will prevent you from having the definite angles of drapery that you need. Curtain Fair will custom-make the drapery and curtain track exactly how you need it. Just let us know how you would like the track shaped when you call.

Worried that this magnificent curtain will be too complicated to clean? When it is removed from the curtain track, the Ripplefold Drapery lies completely straight. Any ripples that can be seen while the drapery is suspended are completely invisible! This allows for easy laundering and pressing. It will also save on the high cost of cleaning bills.

The Ripplefold Drapery system is of course ideal for commercial use. Perfect for dormitories, hotels, motels, and offices, this type of drapery system prevents special maintenance problems and expenses. The Kirsch Baton Draw System with Sewn-On Stiffener will ensure the ease of use and cleaning. Merely pull the baton to open the gorgeous commercial draperies. The high amount of usage by patrons or dorm students will not be a problem: these draperies are made to last!

Try our amazing Ripplefold Drapery system today! Curtain Fair guarantees that you will be impressed. To order your Curtain Fair Ripplefold Drapery system, please call 1-800-497-1588. We would be happy to walk you through the process of choosing the perfect Ripplefold Drapery system for you.

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