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Bay Window Tracks

Recommended Tracks:

Baton Operation:
Regular I Beam - Heavy Duty I Beam - Kirsch 9046 - Kirsch 94003 - Kirsch 9046 - Forest CS

Cord Operation:
Kirsch 94001 - Graber Flex Rod

Basic draw drapery treatments for Bay Windows

Closed, all draw drapery treatments for bay windows look very much alike. Open, there are distinct differences which make one type preferable over the others at a particular window. Here we show the three most basic, but remember that the bay, with its size and eye-attraction, is the most attractive and most practical when treated with a combination treatment, whether it be cafes, sheers or a valance with draperies. This helps unify the three or more units into a single group.

Three two-way draw adjustable rods
Bay windows may be treated with three two-way draw rods from your packaged stock - one at each window. These may be casing or ceiling mounted, and rods should butt in the angles of the bay. This treatment gives you total light, air and privacy control at each window.

Using these rods, results in a double stackback at the angles of the bay - a half pair from each window. This is desirable if the woodwork is heavy or unattractive and should be covered.


One two-way, two one-way draw rods
Similar to the above, this treatment uses a right and a left handed draw rod at side windows and a two-way draw in the center. Rods may be casing or ceiling mounted and should butt in the angles.

Individual draperies allow full control of air, light and privacy. And the use of a single panel at side windows creates a "balanced" treatment preferred by many.


One custom-cut bay window rod set
A custom-cut bay window rod set draws two panels of draperies from the sides to a closing at the middle of the center window. It may be mounted on the casing or on the ceiling.

This type of treatment is especially effective at the large dramatic bay, and because it's cut to fit, the rod is usually easier to install. Rods are also custom-cut in sets which draw a pair of draperies and a pair of sheers and those which hold a unifying valance.


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